I write poetry, there I said it, feels kind of cringe when I put it out there, poetry seems so old fashioned and a bit ‘square/lame’ maybe I’m a song writer who doesn’t know how to write songs? Maybe if I just stood up and braved anxiety I could be a spoken word hero? Hmm I’ll just stick to babbling half rhymes in my mind and writing them in my iPhone notes, it’s what I have learnt in the last year or so that I’m good at.

Here! I’ll write one off the cuff now about…shoes?

My feet are small, my shoes are too

My goodness I want the big heels

Jewelled, decorated and glitzy

Feels so good you want the world to look at you

The uncomfortable glamour

Unable to walk in them like a normal human

but so beautiful I could gaze at them for hours

I am girly I am a shoe fan

Done, well I said I was good but I think I’ll just say it’s a passion, being good at something is when other people tell you I think? Hmm now that’s going to be another topic!

I have written some punching rants, I have thought about speaking them publicly to make them real, be relevant and cool like the ones I admire, but I just posted them on Facebook and gritted my teeth the whole time they were in the feeds of others. That’s not how to do it now is it? I guess I’ll be posting them here (joy for you) until I get a miracle boost of confidence and appear at a spoken word night, probably full of whiskey as that definitely equals confidence, you should see me on a Saturday night dancing to know that. Maybe no one should see that haha!

I guess poetry is a very personal thing, you either like it or love it or have no feelings about it, the subject matter of each one will determine how its received. Maybe it’s just me that’s thinking its old fashioned?

What do you think?

Image taken from http://www.rontranmer.com/ check him out!



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