The Imperfectionist

This is me, I’m my harshest critic, nobody is a tough on me as I am, I am THE PERFECTIONIST! If this is you too then read this article, it rang some bells for me, I have to really harness my inner critic to be able to do things, everyday things and especially things like this blog, it took all the courage in the world for me and every minute I’m battling the shame and embarrassment of putting it out there and wanting to take it down, but I need this, I need to be heard, I need to be out there in the world. Anyway, give it a looky look, it’s an interesting read.


You know those childhood memories that are burned so deep you can remember the shirt you were wearing, or the way the grass smelled? I’ve got a few: The Time I Fell Off My Bike Riding With No Hands…

Source: The Imperfectionist


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